Model Citizen Charter


The following lines in respect of PREFACE are indicative only, the banks at their level draft PREFACE independently.

The ability of the banking industry to achieve the socio-economic objectives and in the process bringing more and more customers into its fold will ultimately depend on the satisfaction of the customers. We have a strong belief that a satisfied customer is the foremost factor in developing our business.

A need was felt by us at ABC Bank that in order to become more customer friendly the Bank should come out with charter of its services for the customers. Citizens' Charter concept was considered as a base instrument to fill this need and accordingly this document was prepared. This document was made in consultation with the users and highlights ABC Bank's commitments towards the customer satisfaction, thus ensuring accountability and responsibility amongst its officials and staff. This charter for customers not only explains our commitment and responsibilities along with the redressal methods but also specifies the obligation on the part of customers for healthy practices in customer-banker relationships.

This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The charter has been prepared to promote fair banking practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to customer service.

We wish to acknowledge the initiative taken by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Ministry of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances for encouraging us to bring out this charter.

We maintain constant consultations with our clientele through various Seminars, Customer Meets, etc., to evaluate, improve and widen the range of service to customer. However, all our customers are requested to keep us informed of their experiences about the various services rendered by the Bank and feel free to comment on this charter. We intend to bring it out in many more Regional Languages in subsequent years.

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Information given in this booklet is as of DD MM YYYY, which is subject to change/revision.

This booklet should not be considered as a legal document creating rights and obligations.It is for promoting better understanding between Customer and Banker.

Only key information on various services/facilities is given in this booklet. Each service has its own detailed terms and conditions; which can be made available on request.

For further details/information, visit or write to our branch offices, or Head Office, Or visit our Website...........

ABC Bank
ABC Bank
ABC Bank
ABC Bank

Bank has tailored various deposit schemes to suit the needs and expectations of investing people in every walk of life.

Branch staff shall welcome you to seek more details and shall also be glad to assist in the area of investment in various deposit schemes vis-a-vis your requirement.

Term Deposit accounts can be opened by individuals, partnership firms, private and public limited companies, HUFs/specified associates, etc.

ABC Bank

As directed by the RBI, the banks may not insist on succession certificate from legal heirs irrespective of amount involved. However, the banks may adopt such safeguards in considering settling of claims as appropriate including accepting an indemnity bond.


Standing instructions can be given to the Bank for transfer/remittance of funds from one account to other account/s maintained in the same branch, any other branch of the Bank or any other bank or any other third party


The facility of Safe Deposit Lockers is an ancillary service offered by the Bank. The Bank's branches offering this facility will indicate/display this information.

The major aspects governing the services are:
ABC Bank

Articles like shares, securities, etc.,can be kept in safe custody with the Bank on prescribed charges wherever such facility is offered.Large/small boxes must be locked by the customer(s) and particulars must be written/painted thereon.The lock should be covered by stout cloth and sealed with the customer's seal.Relationship of Banker and customer shall be that of Bailer and Bailee.


Nomination facility is available for all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.

Nomination is available for accounts opened in individual capacity (i.e. single/joint accounts as well as accounts of a sole proprietory concern) only, i.e. not for accounts opened in representative capacity.

Nomination can be done in favour of one person only. However, nomination in favour of more than one person (i.e. upto 2 persons) is permissible in jointly operated locker accounts with common consent.

Nomination can be made, cancelled or varied by the account holder anytime during his/her life time. While making nomination, cancellation or variation, witness is required and the request should be signed by all account holders.

Nomination can be made in favour of a minor also.

For the existing accounts where nomination is not made, the account holder/s can do so by filling up form available with the branches.

Customers (new as well as existing) are advised to avail nomination facility, if they have not availed so far.

PENSION PAYMENTS : (applicable to Public Sector Banks only)

Customers may remit funds from one centre to another centre by Demand Draft or Telegraphic Transfer (TT), etc., by paying specified charges as per the Bank's rules.

The customers can utilise the facility of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) System operated through RBI for transferring funds to and fro Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai upto Rs. 5 Lacs.

Demand drafts, telegraphic transfers and travellers cheques for Rs.50,000 and above will be issued by the banks only by debit to the customer's account or against cheques or other instruments tendered by the purchaser and not against cash payment. Similarly, such payments for Rs.50,000 and above will be made through banking channels and not in cash.


As directed by the RBI, the banks will issue duplicate demand draft upto Rs. 5,000/- on the basis of adequate indemnity and without obtaining Non-Payment Advice from the drawee branch.


As directed by the RBI, the banks will issue duplicate demand draft to the customer within a fortnight from the receipt of request. For delay in issuing duplicate draft beyond the above stipulated period, the banks will pay interest at the rate applicable for fixed deposit of corresponding maturity in order to compensate the customer for such delay.


Cash Order is issued for making payment locally


Issue/payment of cash order for Rs.50000/- and above is to be made only through the bank account.

Validity period of cash order is 6 months. This can be revalidated by the issuing branch on written request of the purchaser.


Immediate credit of local as well as outstation cheques upto Rs. 7500/- (as per RBI guidelines from time to time) is provided to the individuals (personal customers) who are maintaining satisfactory accounts. However, the customers will have to bear usual service charges as well as the postal charges. In the event of cheques being returned unpaid, the customer will have to pay interest for the period for which funds utilised.

All cheques (local and outstation) deposited by the customers are cleared by the Bank as follows:


This facility is available for the clients of selected branches at designated centres. Cheques of high value (of not less than Rs. 1 lac per instrument) are cleared on the same day.


Cheques are cleared normally on the third working day, depending on the centre subject to depositing of the cheques/instruments in time.


Cheques drawn on Metropolitan centres listed in national clearing are cleared in 8 days.

All cheques drawn on other centres are cleared in 14 days.

The Bank will credit the proceeds of an outstation cheque within the following time norms

If the Bank fails to do so, interest will be paid at the rate applicable for appropriate tenure of fixed deposit for the period of delay beyond the stipulated days mentioned above. Further, if the delay is abnormal then penal interest at the rate of 2% above fixed deposit rate applicable will also be paid.

Customers are requested to deposit their cheques within the stipulated timeframe at the branches.


The Bank handles collection of various taxes on behalf of Govt. of India through selected designated branches.


All the branches of the Bank will exchange freely soiled/slightly mutilated currency notes and certain other types of mutilated currency notes of all denominations. The Bank's currency chest branches will exchange all categories of mutilated currency notes. Currency exchange facility is offered to the Bank's customers and others. The Bank follows RBI guidelines in this respect. RBI has permitted the banks to exchange mutilated currency notes which are genuine and where mutilations are such as not to cause suspicion or fraud.


The Bank pays interest on deposits as per various deposit schemes.

Interest rates are revised from time to time and made known to public.

Revised interest rates are applicable only to the renewals and fresh deposits while existing deposit continue to get interest at the contracted rate.


The Bank provides various services to customers for which service charges are levied. The charges are reviewed/revised from time to time.

Service charges are levied for collection and remittance of funds, processing of loan proposals, issue of guarantees, safe custody, issue of duplicate instruments/statements, ledger folio charges etc. Details of service charges will be made available on request.

ABC Bank

The following time norms etc. are indicative only, the banks at their level decide their bank-specific time norms independently.

1 For Cash Payment
a) Through teller 3 to 8 minutes
b) Through cashier 8 to 15 minutes
2 Receipt of cash 10 to 20 minutes
3 For issuance of demand draft/traveller  
a) cheques/fixed deposit receipt 15 to 25 minutes
4 Payment of demand drafts 10 to 20 minutes
5 Payment of fixed deposit receipts 15 to 20 minutes
6 Opening of an account 20 to 25 minutes
7 Retirement of bills 20 to 30 minutes
8 Updation of pass books 5 to 15 minutes
9 Statement of accounts Within 7 days
10 Collection of cheques(Local) 2 to 4 days
a) Outstation 10 to 14 days
The banks may consider furnishing highlights on the following additional areas:
ABC Bank

The following lines in respect of Redressal of Complaints are indicative only, the banks at their level draft and detail out its specific redressal mechanism independently.

To enable the customers to voice their grievances or offer suggestions for improvement in customer service, "Customer Day" is observed at all the offices of the Bank across the organisation covering branches, Regional/Zonal Offices and Head Office, on 15th of every month (next day, if 15th is a holiday or half-day). During specified hours on this day any customer can meet senior/top executives of the Bank including Chairman & Managing Director without prior appointment.

In case of any complaint, the matter may be first brought to the notice of concerned branch manager for immediate redressal. If the complaint is not redressed to the satisfaction of the customer, the matter may be taken up with the Regional Manager/Zonal Manager concerned.

If the complainant still feels unsatisfied with the responses received, he can address his complaint to the bank's Nodal Officer designated to deal with customers' complaints/grievances giving full details of the case.

After exhausting all the above machinery/channels, if the customer is not satisfied, he may write to Chairman & Managing Director of the Bank and even after this, not satisfied he is free to take recourse to the following:

Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.

(The banks are advised to give details viz., names, designations, addresses, telephone/fax numbers of Heads of Regional and Zonal Offices and also of Nodal Officer dealing with customer grievances/complaints at Central Office level hereinbelow).

All the services and commitments are honoured without the citizen having to pay any bribe.